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21/08/2014 : Update!! Sorry guys! We are having some serious issues with the forum and don't think we are going to be back anytime soon. We have experts working on the issue but this is now almost equivalent to rebuilding an engine : a time consuming and tiring process !! We will keep you updated. Thanks for all your help and support

17/08/2014 : Update!! We have hit some serious issues in the upgrade and it seems we are going to take more time than anticipated. We are doing our best to resolve the issues. However given the severity of the issue we cannot promise any date at this point

TFI is currently offline as we are working on some software improvements and performance enhancements.

Those who have bought the key chains and have any queries about shipping please send an email to billing(at)teamfiat(dot)com

Thank you for your patience and support. Will be back with you as soon as possible!