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Guyz ...need urgent help here

My 2012 Punto has run for 10K till now and TASS is saying brake pad worn out..I do hear somesqueaking noise...

He is asking Rs 3K for change...is this valid?

I thought atleast 15 to 20K will be life of breakpad..
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Had mailed to Mangesh at 7 am in the morning and amazingly got a reply by 9am...

He has asked his service team to look into with priority on why break pads have worn down at 10kms

So went to TASS ,,and they say it will last 3k more....

But Kudos to mangesh..
10K + 3 K = 13K still does not justify life of Brake Pads.

Your car is 2012, I guess. 2011-12 cars are supposed to be with lesser issues than earlier cars.

These are the newly designed Brake Pads we are discussing which are supposed to be an improvement over earlier ones. Where is the improvement if still customers have to change it at every 15 K or even every 30K kms?

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The SA asked me to get the pads replaced while 2nd Free service (15000 kms) and I enquired fellow TFIans only to know that they have changed theirs at 30k+. I haven't changed the brake pads then but after 18k the discs were making a sound and I realised that the pads were worn out completely and got them changed. ODO stands at 28.5k now.

Problem is if we prolong the brake pads usage, it eats into Brake Disc and ultimately you need to change both. I was advised to change brake pads at 18K or 20K kms. I didn't pay heed to it but then I ended up changing Brake Pads & Brake Discs both at 30K kms and then both again at 60K kms.

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Got Brake pads replaced for my Linea today.
Paid 3061 bucks including labour.
MRP on Pads was 2780(Made in Italy).
I suppose pads for Punto and Linea are the same.
I guess yours is also 2011-12 car.
How much kms on ODO ?